• Server Rules

    You may not deathmatch other characters by any means.

    Deathmatching is the act of inflicting injury on another character with weak or without roleplay reasoning.

    Examples of deathmatching are starting a fight without detailed /me action, randomly shooting people, parking a vehicle on top of a character with the aim to inflict damage and using a vehicle to ram a character on foot or in vehicle.

    Exeptions to this rule are actions where the player informed the other party beforehand. Of course the scene should include a proper /me beforehand - explaining the action in detail and making clear it is not intend to deathmatch.

    Punishment varies between an admin-jail to a temporary ban depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    You may not create unfair situations by mixing information.

    Metagaming is the act of using Out of Character (OOC) information In Character (IC).

    Examples of metagaming are using a characters' nametag to gain In Character information while not knowing the character. Using emoticons / smileys in the In Character chat or using external communication programs like Skype or Teamspeak to exchange information. This rule also includes naming your character after a famous person.

    Punishment varies between a kick to an admin-jail depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    You may not force (unrealistic) actions upon another character.

    Powergaming is the act of forcing actions upon another character and/or performing unrealistic, inhuman actions.

    Examples of powergaming are forcing a succesful /me action towards a player without letting the other party respond. Swimming for long periods of time without getting exhausted, bunnyhopping, ninja-jacking, driver-shooting, drive-by on a bike, taking out weaponry without /me action. Also not roleplaying fear is a part of this rule.

    Punishment varies between a kick to an admin-jail depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    You may not revenge kill another character by any means.

    Revenge Killing is the act of inflicting damage upon - and engaging with - the character who previously killed you. After your character get killed, it no longer remembers anything about the death.

    Examples of revenge killing is using Out Of Character knowledge about your death In Character. This also includes returning towards the death scene to retrieve your vehicle and involve your character in a roleplay situation with the character who has killed you.

    Punishment varies between a kick to a temporary ban depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    You may not force a Character Kill upon a character.

    Character Killing can be defined as an Out Of Character Agreement between players to end a character its life permanently.

    Please keep in mind that you cannot bring back characters who are CK-ed. Also, committing suicide to avoid arrests or roleplay situations is prohibited and most illegal factions state that they got the right to Character Kill your character upon joining!

    However, you are free to decide whether you roleplay the permanent damage done towards your character (think of kicking out teeth or cutting fingers).

    Punishment is a temporary ban.

    You must remain In Character at all times, with exception of directions from Staff members.

    Since we as community focus on a heavy roleplay standard, we will not tolerate Out Of Character bullshittery in the Local and Global channels.

    Examples of abusing this rule are skipping roleplay situations such as car crashes, complaining through local channels about the way a roleplay scenario is heading. This also includes asking about the reasoning of police arrests and spamming chat, report or assistance channels.

    Punishment varies between a kick to a temporary ban depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    CLEO Modifications
    The use of CLEO modifications is strictly prohibited.

    CLEO Modifications are defined as hacking tools and are therefore strictly prohibited within the community.

    Examples are modifications who give weapons, health, money and/or speed, fly and teleport tools. This also include all other programs which create similar unfair advantages over other players.

    Exeptions to this rule are the following CLEO Modifications:
    - ENB Series.
    - Radar Modifications.
    - Streamfix Modifications.

    Punishment is a permanent ban.

    You may not exceed the defined robbery and scamming limits.

    To keep thing fair and realistic we decided to setup scamming and robbery limits, which are as following:

    Robbery limit: $5,000
    Scamming limit: $10,000

    Besides that, you may not rob or scam level 1 players nor assist in robberies until your character reaches level 3.

    Punishment varies between a kick to an admin-jail depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offence.

    You may not create extreme roleplay situations which might impact or harm players Out Of Character.

    Extreme roleplay is defined as pedophilia, sexual harassment and terrorist roleplay and are prohibited within the community.

    Some players might experience extreme roleplay as disturbing or disgusting, we as community accept this and therefore banned this form of roleplay within our community.

    Punishment is a permanent ban.

    Common sense takes over where rules are limited.

    We as community aim to provide a friendly and warm environment where our members can have fun and enjoy roleplay. Therefore disrespecting other members of the community will not be tolerated. The sames goes for participating within a discussion with the sole intention to insult, harm or provoke those who are involved.

    We as community expect that our playerbase will use common sense while judging their and others' roleplay situations, especially in occasions where inaccuracies might occur. We simply cannot write down all rules.

    Decisions made by Staff members are final and we ask you politely to stop arguing after the decision is made. Please respect our Staff team and keep in mind that they are also human beings with the best intentions, they put in effort towards our community in their spare time. However, you are free to make a complaint against any Staff member if you feel the decision made is unfair or biased. This can be done by sending a formal PM explaining the situation towards the Management.

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